Donnerstag, 28. Juni 2007

Telematic Dreaming by Paul Sermon

This work is really amazing. I'd love to have one of these "beds" now that I'm far away from home. It was produced not as a Furniture, but as a temporary art installation. Anyway it can perfectly fit in our contemporary daily connected life. It's worth the time to take a closer look and enjoy the videos.

"Telematic Dreaming is an installation that exists within the ISDN digital telephone network. Two separate interfaces are located in separate locations, these interfaces in themselves are dynamic installations that function as customized video-conferencing systems. A double bed is located within both locations, one in a blacked out space and the other in an illuminated space. The bed in the light location has a camera situated directly above it, sending a live video image of the bed, and a person ("A") lying on it, to a video projector located above the other bed in the blacked out location. The live video image is projected down on to the bed with another person ("B") on it. A second camera, next to the video projector, sends a live video image of the projection of person "A" with person "B" back to a series of monitors that surround the bed and person "A" in the illuminated location. The telepresent image functions like a mirror that reflects one person within another persons reflection". (Paul Sermon)

Videos and the complete documentation (in German) > HERE

Sonntag, 17. Juni 2007

Digital Water Pavillion and Bit.fall

[One drop of water can say more than a thousand words]

This project was sent by a friend, and he was really curious whether they are going to build it or not. It's the Digital Water Pavilion, to be developed by Carlo Ratti Associati, and showed at the World Expo 2008 to be held in Zaragoza (Spain).

It's amazing but not a completely new idea. The artist Julius Pop has already done similar experiments. This video is also a very interesting and touchable example of how to present an art work.

Freitag, 15. Juni 2007

Speaking lights

This is one of the early works from Edwin van der Helde. I posted as an example of an interactive (urban) furniture piece. It consists of eight street lights that talk to each other. He has a very complete web site, but not much information about this one. I wonder what they are talking about...

Probably they are singing to each other, since his background is music and most of his (very interesting) works are related to some kind of "interactive sounding architecture". He produces works by himself and some 3d audio design together with architects and designers, like the Water Pavilion and the Son-O-House from NOX.

Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2007

EL Sheets and Couch Counselling

This is a very nice material!! I'd love to use it!
I know they sell a kind of Marketing Kit with some samples.... enough to have a lot of fun!! More information available at EL Shine.

And here is a wonderful example of nice possibilities offered by the electroluminescent technology. I got this interactive furniture piece from the amazing web site The Cool Hunter.

"This sofa is embedded with patterned lights which react to seating arrangements. As a couple sit apart on the sofa, they are surprised when a cold blue pattern begins to grow around them signifying their distance apart from each other. With the pattern changing in relation to weight and proximity, as they move towards each other warm pink petals begin to form representing their closeness.

Using light emitting (Electroluminescent) technology in conjunction with trigger sensitive materials, the pattern is displayed in relation to where a person is sitting. The petals will randomly illuminate around your body and disappear when you move to another spot, meaning an ever evolving and changing pattern display occurs. With the thoughtful and playful development of the pattern, the wonderment of where the pattern will lead adds to the experience of using the sofa. Contact us if you require contact info on the designer". by Andy G

Mittwoch, 13. Juni 2007

Bins and Benches by Greyworld

This is a very interesting interactive urban furniture with some pattern behaviors. "Each bin or bench has its own personality and impulses - if it's raining a bench may decide to park up under a tree waiting for someone to sit on it; whilst on a Wednesday the bins will line up waiting to be emptied. Occasionally, they will all burst into song with the bins forming a baritone barbershop quintet and the benches a high soprano choir" (by Greyworld).

Dienstag, 12. Juni 2007

Light Brix by HEHE

I found this when searching for the intersection between plastic and light. An interesting solution to create big responsive environments. It's a modular light system which reacts to the electromagnetic fields generated by touch. Made of custom designed electronic circuit, plastic shell and aluminium structure.

Produced by HeHe (Helen Evans and Heiko Hansen), reverse cultural engineers the technological systems that surround us: From transport design to pollution monitoring, from public advertisement to meteorology, from architecture to public lightning...